Central Oregon Clinical Genetics Center -
Genomic Medicine is Predictive, Individualized and Preventive
As part of ongoing efforts to improve access to the latest health care services in growing rural areas, Central Oregon Clinical Genetics Center will provide a service to the community in the identification, management and prevention of genetic disorders/diseases, which is under served in Central Oregon.
Genetic information provides a means to identify people who have an increased risk of certain conditions that have a strong genetic component, such as cancer, hypertension, mental deficiency, obesity, and mitochondrial/other rare genetic conditions. 
Genetic services also provides evaluation, genetic counseling and risk management for various forms of birth defects, hearing loss, mental deficiency and learning disabilities and autism, which may be syndromic verses non-syndromic. 
With the advent of the Human Genome Project, modern medicine has significantly changed our view on more specific and effective ways of managing patients in this era of Molecular Medicine. 
  • We no longer take Health Insurance Plans. 
  • Medicaid and Medicare is not covered after January 1, 2017
  • Fee for Service-please call our office for details.  
  • I speak Spanish.